The Loner

I don’t get attached easily.  Keeping people at the metaphorical arm’s length is just how I was raised.  Perhaps that’s typical of a kid brought up in a family where divorce was a yearly occurrence, but I’m not a psychiatrist with years’ of data to back that up.  When I talk with people who do […]

The Hidden

I’m a member of a “secret” group within Facebook.  It’s secret because the group likes to post sexual or nude pictures, ideas, comments, etc.  Now Facebook hunts those types of groups down like they are atheists in the Vatican, but the groups tend to keep finding cracks to hide in.  Anyways not only are the […]


Flirting.  Few people think they do it well.  If someone does believe they flirt like a champion, he often is delusional.  Many people who do not believe they flirt well are actually masters of it.  It is a skill that is often misunderstood and broken down into cliché actions or reactions.  I personally hate when […]

The Pauper

I’ve had the chance to get to know a few homeless folks.  Contrary to public opinion about laziness or addictions, most homeless just ran into the dark side of capitalism and are struggling to get out of the pit.  One thing media glosses over with homelessness, most of the time, is the spreading of STIs.  […]

More Random than a Random

No one seems to enjoy the blogs where I share random little thoughts that have gone through my head in the past week.  So why not do it again until it seeps into your collective brains like a radio commercial for charitable car donations?  Five bucks to first person to guess what song I parodied […]

The Librarian

There are three careers that are most commonly fantasized about when talking about dirty, nasty sex:  nurses, teachers, and librarians.  Now I don’t know many nurses, except for my cousin and I don’t want to picture her licking some guy’s ass.  I know a few teachers, and it’s about 50/50 between who is really an […]

But No Incredible Incest

I like taking innocent cultural references and turning them dirty.  It amuses me.  I do not just do it with shows, movies, or music I hate.  I slam my own favorites into my pervert filter and giggle at what comes out.  For example, my favorite Disney-Pixar movie is The Incredibles.  Forget the sappiness of Toy […]