The Honoree

Why exactly do we celebrate birthdays after turning 21?  After we can finally do all the things society says can only be done by an adult, is there a reason for celebrating another orbit around the sun?  Seems a bit gruesome to me to say, “Hey, congratulations on not dying yet!  Here’s some diabetes causing […]

The Slave-girl

I’ve never really seen the appeal of the more extreme forms of BDSM.  Using handcuffs, smacking an ass a few times, hearing a girl call me her bitch as she gets on top… those I can grasp my sexual mind around.  But the slavery role-play, extreme rope tricks, or beating someone until they are bruised […]

The Canadian

It’s amazing how many of us know someone who has used the lie about his girlfriend living somewhere far away.  Americans use it to avoid the truth of being a virgin but I have to wonder, “Where do Canadian imaginary lovers live?”  My guess is Guam.  There are many lovely ladies there.  Or Iceland! My […]

The Penny

So many times I’ve seen people get so drunk they pass out.  I love booze.  I’m a fireball fan myself.  But I’ve never been so drunk that my friends would have the opportunity to draw a penis on my face or take embarrassing pictures.  I once had a gal pal who got plastered, and this […]

The Taoists

How do men and women ever really connect?  We’re always on opposite wavelengths, with completely different agendas and methodology.  The former writer on this blog always brings up his Taoist ideals of opposites working together to fuel the creative universe.  I think we just get bored and eventually fuck.  Whichever it is, life goes on. […]

The Wiccan

It is interesting how watching a young kid can inspire you in poetry.  I just sat and watched as Lego versions of superheroes beat up benches and trees, then suddenly thought to myself, “I think I’m inspired to write a poem about a naked witch in the woods communing with the universe in sexual futility.” […]