The Dreamer

I’m usually a down-to-earth kind of guy.  I don’t believe in magic, unicorns, faeries, or Bigfoot.  Ghosts are a grey area – I think there is some unexplained phenomenons that fit a ghost criteria, but not enough to convince me there is no other explanation.  Give me good solid facts and firm logic.  But every […]

Are you Ready?

Hey there, beautiful.  I know you do not see yourself as such, but you are – especially when you smile.  Your eyes sparkle when you do, and now your cheeks are becoming that soft pink blush that truly sets you apart.  You do not need to worry about your curves; they seem perfect to me.  […]

124 Nudes, 1 Question

Relationships end.  Whether it is a simple friendship that ends because daily life and time management precludes a continuation of enjoyable activities together or a complex “bang her like her pussy is on fire” romantic entanglement, it will end.  If lucky, it ends with a death… which seems like a mean thing to say until […]

The Difference

The weather has begun to turn and that means it is beach season.  I have two types of friends, and it doesn’t split along gender lines.  There are those friends who enjoy going to the beach because they can lay in the sand and complain about everything around them just to be with the “cool” […]

The Goddess

I think humanity is becoming too sedentary.  We don’t get up and move, especially when we’re naked!  It’s almost like we’re ashamed of the folds and jiggly parts that would be flapping around as the music overtook us.  It makes sense that most dancers would be skinny, and especially dancers willing to dance or move […]

Back and Forth

“I’m thinking of leaving my husband.” This is not a big surprise.  She had left her first husband too, although one cannot really blame her for that decision.  She married way too young, to someone who was much too mature for her, that first time.  It was the right decision.  And this marriage had followed […]

The Adulterer

I was once involved with a married woman.  Not my proudest moment, but I was a nineteen year old virgin whose friends had convinced him that sex was the ultimate goal.  And don’t get me wrong, the sex with my Mrs. Robinson was spectacular… but the being chased down the street by Mr. Robinson was […]