Wheel of Morality, Turn Turn Turn…

Overtime at work last week.  Overtime scheduled this week.  Four hours of sleep to go to a baseball game for a nephew’s birthday yesterday.  Wife cutting into my sleep pattern with Saturday morning titty-titty bang-bang.  What I am trying to say is that I am tired.    And if I say that to my Girlfriend […]

2020 Vision

For those who do not know yet, I hate the Olympics.  It is forced patriotism over a mixture of  boring games and sports, which confuses the unwashed masses with what is actually a sport – hint, not rhythmic gymnastics or equestrian dressage or trampolining or synchronized swimming, that sucks up all the television air time so no good […]

The Number One Distraction Is…

Lists are fun:  top ten, top five, grocery, bucket, lazily to the left, or whatever.  They are quick, simple, and give grand insight into an individual’s personality without all that unnecessary reading or inferring that those “educated” people like to use.  Don’t give me that three page personality analysis of why some ass used quotations […]

The True Meaning of Super Sunday

While trying to come up with ideas for this week’s blog, I enlisted the help of the lovely and talented Nebraska Cheri.  She practically begged me to write a blog about sports and the “Big Game” played on Sunday.  Could it be that interacting with me for these past five years has turned her into […]

Congratulations, Soccer!

I have been a staunch opponent to soccer fandom since… well, forever.  I’ve played it.  It’s a fun game that’s great for exercise, and you can have orange slices right after.  But it’s a boring game to watch on television.  It’s a boring game to watch in person.  I have soccer fan friends who tell […]