Flirting.  Few people think they do it well.  If someone does believe they flirt like a champion, he often is delusional.  Many people who do not believe they flirt well are actually masters of it.  It is a skill that is often misunderstood and broken down into cliché actions or reactions.  I personally hate when […]

But No Incredible Incest

I like taking innocent cultural references and turning them dirty.  It amuses me.  I do not just do it with shows, movies, or music I hate.  I slam my own favorites into my pervert filter and giggle at what comes out.  For example, my favorite Disney-Pixar movie is The Incredibles.  Forget the sappiness of Toy […]

Day 15, 16, 17: Bend the Rules, Win the Game

Day 17 A part of my brain tried to tell me to give up this quest to write twenty-five blogs before Christmas.  “Life is hard, you don’t have time, people are only reading the ones with nude pictures in them, you’re already four days behind.”  Another part of my brain tried to tell me to […]

Day 2 – Fantica: Part Deux

Day 2 of my “25 Days of Holiday Blogs” challenge.  If you missed out on part one of this attempt at erotica, you can find the entire story here. Continuing from part one of Fantica… “You are being such a good whore,” I whisper directly into her ear, flicking the lobe with my tongue as I […]

So I Want to Throw a… Something

I want to have a gathering of a sexual nature simply for the pleasure of seeing a particular woman experience such a gathering.  In the original conversation I was having with this woman, the word we used to describe such a gathering was an “orgy.”  Yet the more I have researched the etiquette and logistics […]

Those Darn Hole Goalies!

Easy Ways for Moms to Cock Block their Children Knock on the door to remind them about some chore they could easily do in twenty minutes. Knock on the door again to remind them about the same exact chore, making them laugh. Raise them Catholic. Openly discuss all the small penises you have encountered with […]

Maybe One or Two…

In the grand scheme of things, my erotic explorations are tame.  BDSM?  Every couple in suburbia experiments with a little bondage and role play.  Sucking toes?  They are more than likely cleaner than those fingers most people use in foreplay.  Oh sure, compared to my friends and family, I am a deviant of epic proportions. […]