The Slave-girl

I’ve never really seen the appeal of the more extreme forms of BDSM.  Using handcuffs, smacking an ass a few times, hearing a girl call me her bitch as she gets on top… those I can grasp my sexual mind around.  But the slavery role-play, extreme rope tricks, or beating someone until they are bruised […]

Day 2 – Fantica: Part Deux

Day 2 of my “25 Days of Holiday Blogs” challenge.  If you missed out on part one of this attempt at erotica, you can find the entire story here. Continuing from part one of Fantica… “You are being such a good whore,” I whisper directly into her ear, flicking the lobe with my tongue as I […]

Fantica – The Beginning

Long story short, this is dedicated to a Facebook flirt.  I am not the best at writing erotica, but I figured I would give it a shot to make someone smile.  If she does not like it, I wrote this for someone else entirely who does. I drive the final mile home after an hour […]

Potatoes, Alan Alda, and Boobs

Mashups are not a new phenomenon.  The word itself has been around since about 2011, as Internet geniuses and terrible dance club DJs began jamming two songs together to make something akin to an elementary school choir concert.  Since it has been around for about six years, and the fad luster is finally worn away […]

(Blank 2)

To be honest, I am not going to complete my challenge.  Twelve blogs was just too lofty a goal with everything else going on.  I probably should have just challenged myself to eat twelve Taco Time burritos, or touch twelve breasts, or cause twelve people to gasp aloud due to a timely cloud of flatulence. […]

Inspired by Love – Part 3

This final installment of “Inspired by Love” is being brought to you by not just one or two, but three women I love.  Two of these three inspiring ladies are not necessarily romantic loves of mine… more like friends (with past benefits) who are as much family as my own flesh and blood sister.  Perhaps […]

Inspired by Love – Part 1

I have been blessed with many loves throughout my life, thanks to my polyamorous nature and irresistible charms.  Part of those blessings has been a myriad of shared erotic fantasies, poetry, and experiences.  Since last week’s rant-inspiring craziness from Miss Bitchy Pants, I’ve had the urge to share some of those wonderful aspects of my […]