Thoughts that No One Should Have

"Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination." Mark Twain

About Me

Deviant “Darth” Dragon (a.k.a Devon Tempest) is a forty-two year old man living in a constant state of denial and fantasy.  Having stumbled upon a radioactive ball of yarn ten years ago, he was transformed into a superhuman capable of seeing reality as an upside down turnip covered with either chocolate sauce or liquid crap (he didn’t want to taste it to determine which it was).

He is joined in his maddening journey through time by his empathetic wife, his genius Girlfriend, his submissive girlfriend, his non-judgmental religious siblings, his judgmental religious parents, his group of seven close friends, his occasional friend with benefits, his imaginary friend Uncle Larry, his pocket turnips, and his cat (perfectly named, “Surreal”).


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