Wheel of Morality, Turn Turn Turn…

Overtime at work last week.  Overtime scheduled this week.  Four hours of sleep to go to a baseball game for a nephew’s birthday yesterday.  Wife cutting into my sleep pattern with Saturday morning titty-titty bang-bang.  What I am trying to say is that I am tired.    And if I say that to my Girlfriend on our weekly phone call, she will just give me shit about being whiny.  So I am sharing with the random readers who stumble upon my ramblings.

Being tired means that my creative wiring short-circuits.  Instead of getting one strong concept which my brain than focuses on and polishes into a passable blog outline during my menial tasks at work, my brain gives me twenty ideas or thoughts and develops absolutely none of them into anything coherent.  I considered just skipping this week and sleeping more, but I decided to just share the random undeveloped nuggets and see if they entertain any of you.

If you are not entertained… pitchforks and torches are on sale at HomeLowe’s Mart for $29.99.

First up… two pun memes:



Next, some commentary on several sexism issues that I have had arguments about lately.

  • If a competitive organization, like the Olympics or tennis or basketball or golf, self-segregates, then any discussion about who is the best player must also be segregated.  It is not sexist to say, “Serena Williams is the best female tennis player.”  It is not sexist to say, “Michael Jordan was the best NBA player ever.”  But it might be slightly sexist if you don’t treat the other gender the same exact way.  If you say, “Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time,” and leave out the gender clarification.. that might be sexist.  Because if you cannot say Serena is the best because she never played against men, you cannot say Roger was the best because he never played against women.  “Sheryl Swoopes was the best WNBA player ever” is completely okay to say because WNBA and NBA are terms where the gender is inherent in the name.
    • And to clarify my positions… Steffi Graf was the greatest female tennis player – not Serena, Pete Sampras was the greatest male tennis player – not Roger, and Jordan and Swoopes do deserve those monikers.
    • And to clarify my other position on sexism in sports:  Stop segregating sports altogether and this wouldn’t be an issue.  Wrote a blog about that for the Olympics awhile ago.
  • I am not a Doctor Who fan and have no personal feelings about the Doctor being a woman in his/her next reincarnation.  For those fans who do have an issue with it… you are dumbasses.  Now, from my limited knowledge of the show, I think the Doctor has usually had a female companion/sidekick.  So if the Doctor is now a woman, and the sidekick remains a woman… then maybe you can start whining about political correctness gone wild.  Seriously, to all the television and movie producers and directors out there, try equality!  A mixed team of ghost-busting scientists would have been much more interesting to me than either the original all-male squad or the all-female squad.  A female Dr. Who with a male sidekick seems like an interesting twist to the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey universe stuff.
    • Five minute Internet research tells me my instinct was right:  66% of the companions have been women, and 34% men.  This tells me that the writers and producers realize that the interplay between genders makes for better television, and hopefully the Doctor being female will swing the percentage the other direction as well (66% male companions).
  • Some anonymous woman posted a comment at work stating she wanted more female managers for her shift because “there was too much testosterone” and “women prefer talking to other women about problems.”  The company responded with the company line of valuing diversity.  I responded with my own comment, “If a man said the same thing in reverse… that there was too much estrogen for him to deal with and men prefer talking to other men… would this anonymous woman be okay with it?  I think she would find such a comment as sexist as I find her comments.”  I, by the way, did not post that anonymously.  So again, PLU instructors who tried to convince my sister-in-law that there is no sexism against men, you are idiots.

And those five random thoughts were all my creative brain would give me this week.  Next time I should just throw darts at a board filled with words or topics until I have a blog.


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