Anyone Prefer 1/4 Portuguese?

Everyone has preferences when it comes to romantic and sexual partners.  Some guys like skinny twigs without tummies, and other guys have the good taste to like cuddling some chubbiness.  Some girls enjoy dating someone who can afford nice suits and fancy watches, but some girls are not superficial bags of materialism.  There are even those among us who find intense sexual pleasure from having a conversation with a person with an IQ over 135, compared to those of us who do not find porn parodies of Big Bang Theory the least bit interesting.

All those preferences are harmless.  Hell, I encourage everyone to find what little niche fetish makes her genitals twitch like a meth addict in his second hour of withdrawal.  Yet there is one category of relationship preference that needs to be demonized as the evil construct it is.  On the scale of societal importance, it may be a minor symptom of a disease we are still trying to cure, but it is a symptom nonetheless.  Yet those who are afflicted with the symptom defend it as no worse than preferring 32B breasts over 44DDDs.

I am referring to the race preference.  The insidiously innocent-seeming idea that it is somehow okay to only date/fuck Black guys, or Japanese girls, or Canadian Mounties, or Thai transvestites, or Mexican couples.  It is racism, clean and simple.  As humans, we should not be limiting our experiences with an immoral practice.  We should be accepting of and willing to share with people of any ethnicity.  There is only one true race, the human race.  The idea that somehow a different level of melanin creates subdivisions within humanity is absurd.

But somehow when people add in the concept of sexual attraction, racism becomes more palatable.  When I point out that a woman is racist for only dating black guys, I am told to not be so dramatic.  “People can be attracted to whatever they want.”  I agree that it is perfectly okay to be attracted to whatever kick-starts your libido, but that is not what is happening there.  That hypothetical woman is racist because she is denying every other ethnicity the chance at romance just because the color of their skin.  There is a clear difference between “I’m attracted to dark skin and hair” and “I refuse to date anyone who is not Black.”

It becomes immediately clear how racist it is when you have the individual try to explain why he or she is only attracted to one particular group.  Anything someone says will begin to sound really racist.

“Well Asian women just have those small boobs…”
“Mexican men and women are so hardworking…”
“It’s all that body hair on an Arab man…”
“Have you seen the average credit score of a White woman?”

Believe me, those are the least racist comments I get when I bring up this topic.  The other offerings range from penile size to obedient cultural conditioning.  But because this about romance and sex and who they let jam inanimate objects into their rectums, people think it makes it okay.  It does not.  It is harmful to all the potential lovers who are denied because of race.  It is harmful to all the lovers chosen because they can never be sure if they were chosen for the right reasons.  And it is harmful to the one who wields ignorance and disguises it as a “choice of attraction.”

Racism is wrong in all its forms.  This may not be the most important issue facing human equality, but it is the one we can all deal with immediately and independently.  Stop choosing your lovers simply because they belong to a particular ethnic group, and start choosing your lovers because they are worthy individuals who know how to sling that dick or vag like mother-fucking champs.

But to be clear… do not date anyone who actually has fucked his or her own mother.   Essas pessoas são loucas.  Foda um cara de português em vez disso.


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