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Who We Are

We are 2 strong – 1 extremely proud and perverted man and 1 submissive who just believes this is a bit funny.  Both believe in the power of every P.E.R.V. (Person Experiencing Reality Vitally)™ to improve the world.

Our extraordinary journey began more than three minutes ago with the original P.E.R.V., me. On May 19, 2017, in Mind Your Own Business, Oregon, he organized the very first Pervert Scout troop, and every second since, he has honored the vision and legacy of perversion, masturbating to poorly drawn sexualized Marvel comic figures such as Cyclops and Jean Grey.

We are the preeminent leadership development organization for adult perverts. And with programs from house to house and across the street, Pervert Scouts offers every adult a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, deviance, adventure, inappropriate innuendo, nudity, drug use, Rock N’ Roll, pornography, fetishes, and success.

Our Mission

Pervert Scouting builds adults of courage, confidence, and questionable character, who make the world a better place through see through dresses, going commando, and better sexual techniques to compensate for small penis size.

Pervert Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:
To never deny my inner impulses,
so long as it causes no harm to another,
And to live by the Pervert Scout Creed.

Pervert Scout Creed

I will do my best to be
    honest and straightforward,
accepting and non-judgmental,
willing to give and receive pleasure,
freely loving and health-conscious, and
responsible for what I say to and do with others,
and to 
respect my own boundaries,
bend the boundaries of society,
use sexual equipment wisely,
make the world a more fun place, and
be a fantasy to every other Pervert Scout.

Facts about the Pervert Scouts

  • We are an international organization.  We do not care where you were born or where you live, so long as you like spanking or being spanked, among others.
  • We are still growing strong.  Just a few moments ago, we were a group of two.  Now, we are a group of two who have gained three pounds through eating pizza.
  • We are about empowerment.  As Pervert Scouts, adults discover the friendship, kink, fetishes, and power of deviants together. Adults grow courageous and strong through a wide variety of enriching experiences, such as hot tub drinking, skill-building orgies and dungeons, community public nudity, fetish exchanges, and visiting a marijuana grow facility.
  • Our organization refuses to waste time writing any constitution, or by-laws, or pay taxes.  We are happily a for-profit organization, and said profit is always used to provide more safe and natural drugs and transgender prostitutes for the less-fortunate members of our community.

Questions?  Interested in joining?  Legal suit for lewd behavior?  Please leave a comment below and our welcoming committee will respond as soon as she finishes her next phone sex call with a guy who likes hearing her pee into a top hat.  Whatever floats his boat; we do not judge.

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