dc comicsAll characters discussed are the intellectual property of DC Comics.  This blog’s author does not take any credit for the creation of any of these fictional characters, who are all inferior to Marvel characters.  DC Comics does not approve any of the opinions or theories contained here, nor do the individual writers who work tirelessly to create character histories and back stories.  This blog’s author is also not the creator of any art depictions contained within and would like to personally thank the real artists, but his ditsy girlfriend does not recall where she found some of the pictures on the Internet.  So blame her for not getting full credit.  Anyone who can find the original artists’ sites or identities, please share so the author can update this blog appropriately.

An interesting question came up earlier this week between my girlfriend and I after she sent me a very interesting fan drawing of Wonder Woman.  First, allow me to clarify that my girlfriend is a Wonder Woman Fetishist.  She would be completely happy smothering the fictional Amazonian with her well-endowments or being tied up by the Lasso of Truth.  As much as my Girlfriend has a Chris Pratt fantasy and my wife has a Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts dream, my girlfriend puts them both to shame with her intimate wetness at the thought of a real life Wonder Woman being in her bedroom.

naughty diana

This is the picture which started my perverted brain a-churning, and the way my mind went was completely divergent from the original intent of my girlfriend.  She sent this as an example of what plastic surgery she would choose to have if she could not choose liposuction.  Trust me, you do not want to know exactly what weird procedure she wants to have done.  What I focused on was my dislike for the entire drawing because, “This pic is entirely wrong.  Wonder Woman isn’t a sub, and wouldn’t be presenting herself in this manner.”

Which led to the question I will now explore further:  Is Wonder Woman a Dominatrix or a Submissive?

Now, I know some people might be offended I am sexualizing the primary female superhero from the DC universe.  “Why are women always sexualized?  Why can’t she just be a superhero?”  Let me be perfectly clear:  I am willing to sexualize every fictional character, but Wonder Woman is the most interesting character when trying to instill into the BDSM lifestyle.

Batman?  Obviously a Dom.
Superman?  Submissive.
Green Lantern?  Switch.
Robin?  Shut your mouth, pedophile!
Batgirl?  Submissive.
Cyborg?  Depends on his software.
Joker?  Dom.
Harley Quinn?  Switch based on the gender of her partner.

But Wonder Woman is more of an enigma.  It is canon that she is bisexual.  Her creators have stated so emphatically.  She is a princess and is used to giving orders, but also is capable of taking a backseat to someone she feels has a better handle on the situation.  She embodies strength and confidence, but also acknowledges her own weaknesses and doubts.  She loves kicking ass, but also serving those she cares about.

wonder diva
Source Link

The easy vote would be to say Wonder Woman is a BDSM Switch, but I dislike that compromise.  I do not see Switches as wishy-washy, but I think Wonder Woman would see that role as a bit wishy-washy for herself.  She appears to be a person who would be one or the other and comfortable with staying with that personality always.  She would not judge those who are Switches harshly (in fact, I see her and Harley having more than one girl-on-girl night of fun), but would prefer to choose one path for herself.

As convincing as my girlfriend was, I think I would stick with my first instinct.  Wonder Woman is a classic Dominatrix.  She would seem to prefer giving orders to taking them.  She would rather have Superman under her boot than be kneeling at Batman’s feet.  She carries around her own bondage rope which compels total honesty, for Moses’s sake!  I wish I had the Lasso of Truth so I could know with 100% certainty that my sub was enjoying herself and not just swallowing her safe word to impress me.

Google Images, and therefore the thousands of deviant artists, would disagree with me.  Or at least, most of them fantasize about Wonder Woman being at their mercy.  But I do not follow the trends!  So I call out to any artists who happen to stumble upon this blog to draw Wonder Woman totally owning some big-breasted BBW with her lasso and a belt.  I might be able to get you a model if you need one.

After all, I am dating a submissive Wonder Woman Fetishist.


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