Shoulder Angel

As it was my birthday yesterday, I have officially survived another orbit around the Sun.  Now before anyone starts to consider putting “Happy Birthday” in the comments, let me carefully and articulately express my thoughts on this anniversary of my ripping up Mom’s pussy like a paper shredder through a brown grocery bag.

I love all of you.

Saying “Happy Birthday” to someone is essentially saying that you love him or her.  It is not even a complete sentence, yet is complete in sentiment.  It is a hope that the day is extra-special and the hardships of life disappear for twenty-four hours.  It is a prayer to the Goddess to watch over a person that you are glad exists in the same universal millisecond as you do.  Sure it is not a collection of homemade erotica or expensive meal at a five-star restaurant, but those things are unimportant.  The shared connection, the emotional bond, is what is vital.

And I want to send my blessings to my brothers-in-law.  One also celebrates his birthday today, and I am lucky to share this day with a man as geeky as I am (without the teenage-esque fascination with sex).  One chose to have his wedding on this day, and it tickles me pink to share this day with him and his wife.  They both have provided me with annoyingly adorable and spoiled nephews and I get to be reminded of that gift every birthday.  Even though my work schedule makes it hard to celebrate with them this year, I know they both consider me part of their family as a true brother.

And my thanks to all the women who involve themselves in my life.  From my beautiful wife (Hi Denise!), my genius girlfriend (Hi Cheri!), and my gorgeous submissive (Hi Lois!) to all the women who are a part of my heart and family, all of you make me feel extremely lucky.  I even get to have deep conversations with the next generation of women, which gives me hope that someday the sexism against either gender will end and we will work together as a single human race.  Even those ladies who I have loved and lost, for whatever reason, are remembered on this day as a miracle.  And to those ladies whom I have not met yet, I look forward to another year full of opportunities.

And thanks to me.  I managed to survive, and be such an amazing person to earn the love and respect of all the people wishing me “Happy Birthday.”  That is no small feat.  Just remember to take each day as it comes, enjoy the small moments as well as the large, and continue showing as much love as you have been given.

I am forty-two years old.  I hope I have another forty-two years at least.  But I must always remember that tomorrow is not promised.  The world is sometimes a dark place and people lose toes, or have heart attacks, or go blind, or develop erectile dysfunction every day.  Millions of people die each day and do not get their tomorrow.  I am not immune to that harsh reality, but I am optimistic.  My life has value, as evidenced by those who have sent me warm wishes for my birthday.

There is so much to celebrate and be joyous about.  I survived another orbit and saw each of the seasons in a beautiful part of the country.  It was impossible not to whistle and smile at work, absorbing all the joy people sent me through the day.  My special day.  It meant the world to me.

And so do all of you.


4 thoughts on “Shoulder Angel

  1. I am not sure which I found more entertaining… the shoulder devil or the shoulder angel… both are insightful and probably a bit of truth to each one, despite the dripping sarcasm. Though you once told me that your blogs are every bit of truth in the untruth and most of the truth is untruth anyway… I do hope that your angel and your devil had another awesome year traveling on your shoulders!

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