(Blank 3)

To be honest, I am not going to complete my challenge.  This is blog number ten, and I have to head into work for mandatory overtime tonight.  There will be no last second scramble to write two more blogs after this one.  Granted, I could just end this blog after one paragraph and then make another blog of one paragraph and then make another blog of just one paragraph, but that seems like cheating and I am not a New England Patriot fan so I do not condone cheating to win.

Today is December 23rd, which happens to be my favorite day of the Christmas holiday.  Not only is there a terrific song by Paul and Storm about this day, it is the last day where I can prepare for the holiday.  Christmas Eve – day and night – is spent with my family and then Christmas day is spent with the in-laws.  Tonight is the last night I really get to sleep in my own bed, make love to my wife, and not have to put on any fake smiles when people are praying or keep my lifestyle on the down low.  The 23rd is, for me, the true holiday.

Wish my employer would recognize it as a holiday.

So this will be, officially, no more jokes, my last blog of 2016.  Much of this year sucked major monkey balls… in response to which the monkey turned around and threw feces directly into my face, like I was the one sucking them all rough and with teeth.  It was not me, hypothetical monkey, it was this fucking year.  I am not going to rehash all the crap I waded through, nor do I want to bring up the myriad of crap that I know some friends, readers, followers, and lovers have also gone through this year.  All I really want to say about it is… I am glad it is almost fucking over.

2017 is a prime number, so it better be a prime year.  Or else I am going to complain to management.  Does the Space-Time Continuum have a complaints department?  I bet it does, but you have to type in all the digits of pi to connect to it.

I want to extend my thanks to everyone who read this blog over the course of the year.  Whether you consistently read it because we are in love (Hi Cheri!), occasionally read it because I force you and you also love me (Hi Denise!), pop in now and then from my Facebook link, found me randomly through Internet searches, or were dared to read my diseased thoughts by a drunk friend, I appreciate any and all feedback and views I get.  I am not in this for fame (obviously) or money (definitely) or pussy (okay, well let’s not get carried away).  I blog because it is where I can be myself (Polyamorous Sex God of Intelligent Discourse), give my thoughts on topics swirling around me (public urination damnit!), and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Thank you everyone.  I wish you all a fabulous end to 2016 and a grand beginning to 2017.

P.S.  I still have not seen Rogue One… man, does 2016 suck or what?


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