To be honest, I am not going to fulfill my challenge.  Twelve blogs in between mandatory overtime at a relatively new job while juggling worry about my Beloved (Hi Cheri!) in the hospital, my growing interest in dating a new woman, and enjoying the holiday season with my beautiful wife while at the same time wrapping presents, buying a new-to-me car, and tutoring my high school nephew in essay writing and algebra was simply too daunting a task.  I am pleased with how a few of them turned out, less pleased with others, and am now just exhausted.  Writing four more blogs after this one in three days is just not going to happen.

Plus, I have run out of titles provided by my vast (four people and a cat) reading audience.

Without a title to focus my thoughts and drive forth the narrative, I figured I would just do a general stream of consciousness blog to close out this holiday season.  I may not have reached 12, but I have managed to get 8.  Maybe there is more Jewish ancestry in my blood than I know about and those genes prefer me getting eight blogs done each December.

My teenage nephew lost my Nintendo 2DS gaming system.  Why did I think I could trust a teenager with a piece of technology?  On the plus side, he is gaining valuable life lessons about being in debt.  Considering he owes his grandparents nearly $700 for a water bill he was responsible for and now owes me $70 for help with Christmas presents and $160 for a 2DS and game, I think he will be very careful as an adult using credit cards.

Yes, I will make sure he pays me back in either cash or hard work.  I am not going to be one of those family adults who lets him off the hook.

Cameron Diaz is hot.  I usually like gals with a little plump to their tummy, but there is just something about Cameron that I find irresistible.  I think it is her smile.  I am a sucker for a good smile.  A smile with nice legs and a round bum is all I need to find a lady physically attractive.  Much more complicated when it comes to liking a woman’s personality and intellect – proven by the differences in all the women I have ever dated and the two I have managed to hold onto right now.

I am a little excited to go visit Cheri in 2017.  Now that she is an amputee (albeit just a toe) she will count towards my fuck-it list (characteristics of people that you want to have sex with before you die).  Morbid sexual curiosity to see her new foot and then still go down her leg towards her glorious pussy… I think I was dropped on my head as a child and it caused some sort of perversion disorder.  I like this disorder though.  It has brought me much fun.

Now just need a woman under five feet tall or Japanese… one who is both would cross everything off the list!  I guess I would have to add to the list after that.  More life to live after all.

I like my 2007 Ford Focus ST.  Gas pedal sticks a little bit after I have driven for an hour or so.  That is probably my only complaint and worry.  I will get it looked at after the holidays.  But the trunk is huge, I love driving a 5 speed again, I like the charcoal color (the color of shadows during a summer dusk), and it gets better gas mileage than my dead cruiser or the car I have been borrowing.  So long as I keep my job, it should even be fairly easy to pay off.

I have changed my tune on the phenomenon of putting Marilyn Monroe’s head and face on a tattooed body.  I used to think it was pointless, as Marilyn was gorgeous as she was.  But now I find the T-shirts and artwork to be beautiful in their own way.  Bought myself another T-shirt starring the adapted Ms. Monroe, after receiving one for my birthday from Cheri last March.  This one is wearing a Seahawks jersey and matching panties.  Yum.

Yes, those who do not know me in real life.  I am a Seahawks fan.  I have been since I was one year old, have been through all the bad times (1991 was brutal), and will be for my lifetime.  I do not hold your fandom against you, please do not hold mine against me.

Unless you cheer for the cheaters in Boston.  Cheater McBelicheat and Mr. Overrated just drive me crazy.  Any other team, we are cool.  Teenage nephew wants to cheer for the Browns now.  Poor taste, but does not cause me any distress.  Go Browns!

Well dear readers, that is all my brain is managing to spit out today.  Happy holidays to all of you.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Saturnalia, Blessed Winter Solstice, Cheery Yule, and Happy New Year!  May good fortune visited your family for the next week, may all the bad of this year melt away in the face of unending love, and may my hairline hold on for one more year.

And may Cameron Diaz make a movie with full frontal nudity in 2017.



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