The Next Holiday Challenge

Some of you, those few who have actually read this cesspool of attempted humor and insight from the beginning, may recall last year’s self-imposed Hanukkah challenge.  I challenged myself to write a blog for the eight nights of Hanukkah, and I managed to succeed.  Success being measured by actually completing eight blogs in eight nights and not in the quality of said blogs.  I am also surprised and pleased to say some of you (three) were entertained by the attempt and have actually asked me what this year’s holiday challenge would be.

You have got to be kidding, right?  I have a new job that sucks between 40 to 50 hours out of every week.  Besides the job, I have the traditional shopping excursion with the in-laws for the nephews and the shopping excursion with the nephews for the in-laws.  I also have two dates to see Christmas lights (one with the wife and one with a friend), a new used car to buy, a stove to replace, and a dozen of other chores that I am sure will pile up and sap away every free moment I might earn.  But some of you (three) want me to challenge myself with a new blog challenge?

Sure.  Why not?

However, if I am going to commit to writing blogs, I want some help.  Here is the deal:  I will write 12 Days of Blogs.  That is right, four more than last year’s challenge.  I will start on the 12th and end on the 23rd.  But in return, I do not want to think of a single blog title.  That is your responsibility.

Let me clear:  I don’t want topics.  I want titles.  What I do with the title is completely up to me.
Bad Entry:  Write about how graham crackers taste disgusting
Good Entry:  The Hell of Graham Crackers

I will take the titles, write completely random blogs loosely based on those titles, and drink cocoa while doing it.  You provide the titles, read my completely random blogs, and drink eggnog spiked with rum to endure it.  Deal?

Day 1:  Whose Boob Is This?
Day 2:  Santa is NOT Fake
Day 3:  The Four Annoyances of the Season
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10:
Day 11:
Day 12:

Submit your blog titles one of two ways.  Comment directly on this blog.  If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, put a comment on the post or send me a FB message.  You could also try sending it telepathically, but most of you are not on the higher plane of intellect on which I reside.  And by higher I mean one level above frogs, gerbils, and four-year olds.


One thought on “The Next Holiday Challenge

  1. I will have to check those Hannukah posts out. In the meantime, how about:

    • Price Wars Episode I: The Fandom Menace

    • Keep the SHIT in Christmas

    • Rudolph Got Ran Over By My Grandma

    • Gingerbread and Genocide

    That’s all I can come up with for now.

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