Salutations –
Understand that nothing is ever perfect.
Contrary to what major religions may say.
Knowing this, we can live more in tune…
More at peace…
Yielding to the chaotic design.
Holding onto our illusions of control
And snuggling the hope of perfection
Incites more conflict as we argue about what
Real perfection is.
Yes, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus,
Cloud nine is only condensed precipitation,
Love is finite.
Instead of running from those truths,
Take and own them.
Speak not the lies of perfection
And offer not pale platitudes to those suffering.
Cast aside society’s expectations.
Kermit said it best when lamenting,
“It’s not easy being green.”
Dream of what you are; be that the best
In spite of it being the more difficult path.
Open your eyes to the hidden signs,
Trust your inner self.
Salutations and glad to finally meet you.