With Respect to Burke, Just Remember…

Today in America, millions of Muslims woke up this morning and made no plans whatsoever to commit a terrorist attack.  Unless you classify holding up the line at Walmart because her son just ran back to grab something “real quick” as “terrorism.”  But I’m going to give Adeela the benefit of the doubt… after all, she did say she was sorry.

Today in America, millions of Caucasian-descent men walked out in public and did not rape or assault anyone.  They also did not spout racist comments, chop up their neighbors into dog food, set fire to a local warehouse, go to a strip club, or eat crackers.

Today in America, millions of African-descent men did not do drugs, or commit a violent crime, or drink grape soda.

Today in America, millions of gay men did not wear chaps with no pants out in public, exposing their buttocks.  There were a few Gay Pride Parades, so I’m not saying NO gay man did it…

Today in America, millions of legal, registered gun owners did not shoot another human being.  They probably thought about it a few times though.

Today in America, millions of children were not eaten by a polar bear… or a lion… or Seth MacFarlane.

Today in America, millions of cops did society a service, served and protected with honor and conviction, and did not brutalize anyone because of skin color.  Millions of fireman washed a fire engine, or sat on their asses eating pizza.

Today in America, millions of people on government support applied for actual jobs instead of sitting on their lazy asses all day.  Somewhere else, a corporate executive ordered lay offs to cut expenses and then donated to a political candidate who demonizes people on “welfare.”

Today in America, thousands of corporate executives donated some of their upper class wealth to charities supporting technology in education, medical research, or feeding the poor.

Today in America, a million Catholic priests did not molest an altar boy.  A few nuns may have hidden some weed under their habits though.

Today in America, millions of female teachers were not investigated for having sex with one of their high school students.  Millions of male teachers cheered, as any such event would have meant their actions would have been more closely scrutinized instead of the behavior of the other female teachers.  Because… you know… men are the pigs.

Today in America, millions of Liberals did not petition the government to ban all guns, establish Sharia law in Texas, protest outside a Chick-fil-A restroom, demand equal pay for women (because they know women already have it!), smoke weed, go to a “love-in,” force any individual to watch “Will and Grace” as part of the “Gay Agenda,” or pass a federal law editing all Bibles to include the Theory of Evolution in Genesis.

Today in America, millions of Conservatives did not petition the government to make Christianity the official religion of America, vote to remove all illegal immigrants from America using a catapult, demand the immediate de-funding of all Planned Parenthood centers, drink beer, salute the Confederate flag, go to a “White Pride” rally, or pass a federal law requiring all science classes to include Creationism in the curriculum of public schools.

Today in America, millions of transgendered individuals went about their lives without assaulting anyone in either bathroom.  Millions of over-protected fathers also did not punch out anyone entering a bathroom where their daughter was.

I know I’m making fun of some serious, and tragic, recent events.  But someone has to.  Because every day, millions upon millions of people are good to their neighbors.  Every day, millions upon millions of people try to do what they believe is right while respecting the opinions of others.  Every day, millions upon millions of us manage to live and let live.

Yes, there are dickholes out there – in every religion, on every side of the political spectrum, as part of every culture.  The dickholes want you to fear Muslims… or Jews… or Christians.  The dickholes want you to be afraid of homosexuals… or transgenders… or polyamorous bloggers.  The dickholes want you to believe that Liberals want to take away your rights… or Conservatives want to keep you from having rights.  The dickholes want to commit terrible acts of violence, and want an overreaction to every sad moment,  and take advantage of every imperfect botchery of this thing called “Life,” so they can swoop in and say, “See!  See how we were right!  This is why we need to do ____________!”

But dickholes stand out and are heard because they are the exception.  Millions upon millions of us are not dickholes.  We need to stop letting the dickholes get all the attention.  We need to stop pointing fingers, or instantly turning every tragedy into a political debate, or demanding knee jerk reactions.  Sometimes, we just need to say, “Yea… that sucked,” and move on.

I’m not claiming we shouldn’t mourn those who die.  I’m not saying we need to stop respectfully debating how our society can become better.  I’m not saying we just ignore tragedy and move along with blinders on.  Edmund Burke was wise when he said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  But when we act, it must be together and with thoughtful consideration and respect.  When we act, we must do so in a way that is “good,” and not in itself a form of evil.  Divisiveness is just what the evil dickholes want.

And for all the wisdom of Burke’s quote, there is a fundamental flaw in his statement that has been overlooked.  I believe there are two things necessary for the triumph of evil:  for good people to do nothing, and for good people to overlook the daily goodness of our world and instead see only the displays of evil.  And while we are eager to pounce on the opportunity to attack for the first part, I fear we are sorely lacking in our defense of the second.



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