The End…???

Good-bye Aurora… a short lived romance, where I kinda feel like you lied to me about how “amazing” I was and how much you “liked” me (since it was so easy for you to just walk away without even an explanation as to exactly why)… on the other hand, I have over 100 nude photos of you to do with as I please… so… yea.

Not surprisingly, many events this year have me thinking about endings.  Saying good-bye to a grandma-in-law, watching a close friend struggle through divorce, getting ready to celebrate the end of high school life for my “adopted” son (Hi Tyler!), being defeated after over a decade of dominance in a self-created game between best friends, eating the last bit of ice-cream… these events (and others) have made the inevitability of “The End” a part of my daily experiences for the past few months.

Which really sucks and I wish all these endings would stop… the irony, of course, inherit in wanting endings to end is not lost on me.  Makes me chuckle, actually.

But, through the emotional ups and downs (naked, sobbing in a corner, holding a pair of neon green panties or laughing maniacally as a 19 year old describes herself nude and taking a root beer bath with forced eye contact), endings always bring a promise of new adventure.  The passing of a grandma leads to finding new people to become as close as family.  A divorce leads to physical and emotional growth.  The end of high school brings the excitement of college.  A defeat provides new motivation for next year.  An empty ice-cream carton leads to a walk to buy some more.

Which is really exciting and I want to see where these new adventures lead.

With a third of 2016 gone, it’s time to reflect on what this year has been.  Back on January 6th, I blogged about living organically and taking chances – experiencing Life in all its glory.  Now, 2106 has been a bitch of a bastard of an asshole of a year, but that ends now (rim shot).  And in all fairness, I’ve had some bright spots to celebrate.

  1. Played laser tag for my birthday
  2. Had two lunches with someone new
  3. Seen new places (not another state, but a couple of new cities/areas)
  4. Had some great sex in one of those new places
  5. Mini-road trip with wife
  6. Have increased views and readership of this crappy blog (hey, thanks and shout outs to all of you who have taken a chance on reading this crap)

And definitely am being ambitious with the next few months coming up:

  1. Two planned movie dates in May
  2. Trying to meet and make another new friend (and I mean friend, not sex playmate)
  3. Plans to go to a waterfall
  4. Travel to Nebraska is planned
  5. 2nd job started again
  6. Make progress on planned book projects

So I’m grabbing some dry hard cider and having a toast to the end of a terrible third of a year.  Sure it had some bright spots, but glad it’s over.  And here’s to the next four months – I’m gonna wrestle happiness out of it wherever I can.


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