Inspired by Love – Part 3

This final installment of “Inspired by Love” is being brought to you by not just one or two, but three women I love.  Two of these three inspiring ladies are not necessarily romantic loves of mine… more like friends (with past benefits) who are as much family as my own flesh and blood sister.  Perhaps a little more so, but my sister and I are doing better in our relationship.  I mean, looking after our aging parents brings us a little closer together, and a lot of time has passed from the days of me shoving her into a dishwasher because she refused to do her chore.

Wait… where was I going with this blog?  Right… my submissive loves.

The three lovely ladies this blog is inspired by are former, hopeful, and current practitioners of BDSM and all are submissive by nature.  While being strong-willed women in their daily lives, each enjoys letting go and obeying a strong hand in private.  One of these ladies has been my friend since college, when she was just discovering her own desires (Hi DJ!).  One of these ladies is an ex-wife of a friend, who comes to me often for advice in discovering herself in this lifestyle (Hi Ais!)  The final lady I’ve been training online for about a month (Hi Aurora!) and one of her “tasks” was to write a poem about what being a sub means to her.  Like part one where I changed my girlfriend’s short story slightly to keep the original to myself (Hi Cheri!), I’m recreating the poem in my own words below… again, call me greedy, but the original is for me alone.




I am a proud, submissive woman
My submission is a gift not easily earned
My strength allows me to grant my Master power
My independence allows me to give freely to Him
I am submissive to Him alone
By giving Him this gift I am
And happy.

My body is His
And He finds it beautiful
And I trust Him implicitly
Therefore it is
No other opinion matters.
In His eyes I am beauty.
Through my submission
I find the strength to hold my head high.

I submit to His teachings
Though His lessons are not always ones I would seek on my own
They are lessons He knows that I need
And so I joyfully learn from Him.
Each lesson tests my limits
And my submission to Him grows
As my submission grows, so does my
And Love.

When He looks into my eyes
My soul is bare to Him
All my wounds, my scars, and my hurts.
My soul is as bare as my skin when I kneel at His feet.
He accepts it and heals every wound,
Kisses every scar,
And embraces every hurt
Making it His own.
And I become His even more.
He is my protector…
my friend…
my lover.

No moment goes by when I do not feel His presence
Whether it is inches or miles between us,
He washes over me and claims me
And I feel complete in my submission.
I long to please my Master
However he wishes.
If I were to ever displease Him
It would be a dagger to my heart,
Even though I know He would forgive me,
Which makes me submit even more.

To hear Him whisper “Good Girl”
Makes my heart skip a beat.
His pleasure brings me mine.
Because I am a strong…
To Him alone.

©2016 – Reproduce with written permission only

 April is National Poetry Month.  Five years ago, I self-published a collection of poems for my close friends and family to collect.  I’ve decided to re-release this collection to anyone who may want to purchase a book of fun, love-filled, deviant, confusing poems.  Click this link to see if you’re interested:  Inspired Musings


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